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About Us

First In Line Soap became a wholesale soap making company back in 1999. Starting in a basement, it quickly grew when word started traveling about its soaps. We initially were a glycerin bar wholesaler only. We now have a variety of different lines, including our wholesale loaf soaps, Accent natural ingredient soaps, Duck Season soaps, Works of Art soaps, and much more.

Not only do we sell these soaps, but we create them as well. We find that there's nothing more entertaining than designing a new loaf soap, or Works of Art soap. Half the time, naming the soaps is more fun than creating them!

First in Line Soap is dedicated to its wholesale customers. We want to continue to create new designs that our wholesale customers will love. And we're always looking to make the purchase and promotions of our soaps the easiest on our wholesale customers.

What We Offer:

First In Line Soap offers quality products for wholesale purchase. We have a fantastic line of loaf soaps, natural soaps, and much more. We also have great items for kids stores, spa companies and all the craft stores under the sun.

Where We Deliver:

First in Line Soap has wholesale soap customers all over the world. We deliver anywhere!