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Because there is no password to your site, what's to stop my customers from buying from you?

First In Line Soap is a wholesale company requiring a minimum order along with a tax ID #. 

Can I private label your soap?

Yes you can. You can purchase our designed labels with your name at the bottom for the price of $2.50 per 12 labels. If you want your own design and logo then please contact us for a price.

I ordered from First In Line Soap but my credit card charge says Soapier

Soapier and First In Line Soap are one company. Soapier LLC and DBA First In Line Soap. To keep costs down we have contracted for one credit card processing company and that is under the name Soapier.

What is your turn around time from ordering.?

We would love to be able to ship out one or two days after order, but that is not possible. We don't keep an inventory. We prefer to make the soap as ordered. This means you get the freshest soap possible. Please plan on at least a 2 week lead time.

Do you offer any free shipping?

Yes we do on occasion offer a special of free shipping. You'll need to be on our sales and new products promotions newsletter. This is where we let our customers know what is on special.