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Goats Milk Soaps

Our Goats Milk Soaps are all natural and come in six fantastic options. And, like all of our products, they're double fragranced!

Each loaf soap is double fragranced and yields twelve 1" slices, with a suggested retail value of $6 per slice. We also provide wrapping papers, and colorful, descriptive labels and signs, to help you market the soaps better!

Price: $32

Calundula flowers heal and protect the skin. Goats milk moisturizes. The amber fragrance is a sweet & subtle one, worth remembering. You'll crave it every morning! 5oz

Price: $32

Relax and moisturize your body at the same time with our lavender goats milk soap. It will rejuvinate your skin and your spirit! 5oz

Lemon Poppy
Price: $32

Poppy is added as a wonderful exfoliant to this classic yellow and black bar of goats milk soap. Smell the scent of fresh squeezed lemons and fill your day with zest! 5oz


Price: $32

Take some peppermint leaves, throw in some minty peppermint essential oil & you have a refreshing, moisturizing bar that will surely wake you up in the morning! 5oz

Price: $32

Bits of tiny roses are added to this bar for additional fragrance and texture. Now you never have to wait for rose season to enjoy this scent! 5oz

Price: $32

Rosemary isn't just a cooking herb. With a minty scent, it's an antioxidant, antiseptic & astringent. A fresh clean scent that will make you come back for more. 5oz