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Loaf Soaps

Each loaf soap is double fragranced and yields twelve 1" slices, with a suggested retail value of $6 per slice. We also provide wrapping papers, and colorful, descriptive labels and signs, to help you market the soaps better!

Arabian Nights
Price: $32

Sweet and seductive, the musky floral aromas in Arabian Night are reminiscent of a steamy Moroccan evening. Get one for the dark stranger in your life, or simply to add a touch of sultry spice to your bath.

Bacon Bits
Price: $32

As crazy and cool as it sounds. Bacon fragranced soaps have become our best seller... your customers are going to love it!

Price: $32

The name of the soap says it all! If you're a fan, at all, of Banana, this is the bar for you. It's such a cool design, too, that it'll be a centerpoint for your bath!

Beach Breezes
Price: $32

Fake a day at the beach with our Beach Breezes soap! Full of little bits of swirling "sea foam" and offering the aroma of salty spray and beachy goodness, with this soap, you can bring the beach to the bath any time!

Berry Berry
Price: $32

This juicy little slice is a diva's delight! Our berry sweet and berry delicious smelling soap is the perfect fruity accent to your shower or bath. Our Berry Berry soap is always in season and is ripe with fresh, juicy fragrance!


Cherry Bomb
Price: $32

This is officially our favorite soap. It smells incredible, it's adorable to look at, and it'll get you clean and smelling wonderful!

Crisp Cotton
Price: $32

Remember the clean, warm scent of clothes that your mother hung out on the line? We've capture the breeze and sunshine of that sweet smelling laundry in our Crisp Cotton soap to bring that same freshness to your bath.

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