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Loaf Soaps

Each loaf soap is double fragranced and yields twelve 1" slices, with a suggested retail value of $6 per slice. We also provide wrapping papers, and colorful, descriptive labels and signs, to help you market the soaps better!

Cucumber Melon
Price: $32

The heat of the day got you feeling icky? Chill out and cool down with our Cucumber Melon soap! Refreshing and cheery, one whiff will cool your spirit and ease your mind.

French Lilac
Price: $32

Lilacs bloom in the spring, but you can have this wonderful scent in your home all year round! Every bath needs some floral soaps. That's just a given. Our French Lilac soap has a refreshing and classic fragrance that will remind you of romance and relaxation.

Iceberg Madness
Price: $32

A tingly blend of peppermint and spearmint. Fantastic for the mornings... If your employees or friends tend to be late getting in to work, give them a bar! It'll get them going in the morning.


Lathered in Chocolate
Price: $32

We created this bar after seeing a photo of a vanilla chocolate ice cream bar drizzled in chocolate. We think our soap is even better... no vanilla! We fragranced this soap with a very rich chocolate fragrance at double the strength.

Price: $32

Prim and proper? Not so! Though Victorian-era ladies loved their lavender, this floral bouquet is popular again. The ultimate feminine scent, our Lavender soap is a must for any hip lady!

Let Them Eat Cake
Price: $32

Yeah. Seriously. You're never going to leave the shower after using this. Picture getting to lick the bowl (please don't read into that) after making a cake, every day, and not gaining any weight, or getting pimples... it's seriously a win-win. .

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