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Loaf Soaps

Each loaf soap is double fragranced and yields twelve 1" slices, with a suggested retail value of $6 per slice. We also provide wrapping papers, and colorful, descriptive labels and signs, to help you market the soaps better!

Red Devil
Price: $32

Two words. Chocolate. Raspberry. Yeah, that'll do it. This bar has become a favorite with our customers. It's attractive, smells simply incredible, and will keep you clean. What more can you ask for?

Santa's Nog
Price: $32

By far our best seller last year at Christmas time. We've gotten so many requests for this soap, we're thinking of selling it all year round!

Price: $32

A fantastic combination of chocolate, marshmallow and... waiiiit a mintue. If you don't know what a s'mores is, just buy it. You'll love it!

Sunrise Morning
Price: $32

Pucker up every morning with a splash of grapefruit goodness! With a whole lot of juicy citrus scents, our soap offers a little slice of sweet sunshine. Invigorating and moisturizing, this is the perfect soap to get your day started on the "bright" foot!

Price: $32

Sensuous and elegant, our Vanilla Bean soap is one guilt-free sweet treat! Have your cake and eat it too without compromising your waistline... our vanilla bean will have you smelling (and looking) yummy too.


Vanilla Almond
Price: $32

We got quite a few requests for almond soap. After getting a dozen samples, we decided on this great combination... and this is such a great looking bar, too!

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